ooooChristine Cox


Current work - 2009
Soda-fired stoneware
Tea Bowls

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Older Work Archive

porcelain vessel. Barium glaze. 5" tall

A range of porcelain vessels and dishes, fired to 1260 in an electric kiln
Porcelain vessel.  Barium glaze.   13 cms. tall
2 wine beakers. 10 cms tall
Porcelain vessel with texture swirl. 14 cms. tall
Small vessel with drawing. 14 cms. tall
Porcelain bowl. Ht.9 cms x 11 cms. diameter
Roll-top vessel.12 cms. tall
Porcelain vessel. 15 cms.tall
Porcelain vessel  with rollover rim. 16 cms diameter
Large porcelain pot.Ht 25 cms x 20 cms diameter
2 wine beakers with texture slip decoration.   Ht.13 cms
Porcelain platter. 17 cms. square
Porcelain vessel. Ht.20 cms