Park Review 2017

The potters and the public alike overcame the vagaries of the English summer weather to celebrate another brilliant year at Hutton-in-the-Forest, with 117 potters showing their work in marquees on the land in front of the house and lawns.

This year’s competition theme was “Ancestral Voices – echoes of another time, another place” and once again the potters rose to the challenge and produced some wonderful, quirky designs.
The POTFEST PRIZE of a free stand at next year’s event went to Fiona Duckett from Banffshire. Her competition pieces over the years have been well away from her usual production and have include a shoal of silver herring, a burning bush  and this year her interpretation of the Deskford Carnyx, a famous celtic horn. Images of people getting right down to grass level to get a note from the beast will stay with me for a long time!

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Potters vote on the competition after the show on Friday and this year their PEERS PRIZE went to Wendy Kershaw for her poignant piece “Braille and a Lightbulb”.

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The PUBLIC VOTE ON FRIDAY went to Paul Smith’s intriguing piece featuring Charles Darwin “They spoke to me”


SATURDAY’S PUBLIC VOTE was for  “Icarus” by Jeremy James


and SUNDAY’S PUBLIC VOTE was for Andrea Martini’s wonderful ” Hen’s Party”- a mechanical ceramic cine camera featuring a dancing hen and a musical accompaniment.


Our continued amazement and gratitude to all the potters who took time away from their normal production to play awhile and let their imaginations run wild.

All the entries from this year’s competition can be seen  here on Flickr

Thanks to all who took part in the public vote. Potfest passport winners who receive free entry to all future Potfest events are:
L.Yates from Preston, J.Barnes from Kendal, and K.Wood from Brampton.