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Many images from Potfest in the Park 2011 are stored on Flickr -
follow the links to see all the competition entries,
the faces behind the pots ( all the potters on their stands), and general views of the show


Each year the Potfest potters are invited to make a special piece to a particular theme, which are all displayed on the lawns in front of the House - this year's was "Marking Time"
Geoff & Chris Cox award the Potfest prize of a free stand at Potfest in the Park 2012 to a potter whose competition piece and work most impress them.

This year's award went to Mark Smith

Detail 1
The piece incorporates a watch guarantee-
found in an old box of bits from Woolworths dated 1972. Mark thought it an appropriate inclusion to mark the demise of a giant retail outlet of our time.

Mark's competition piece:
"The Times"

Detail 2

When the show closes on Friday night all the potters meet up for a glass of wine on the lawns, and pick their favourite competition piece. This year's Potters Prize went to Gwen Bainbridge
for her piece "The 20th Century - a spoonopsis"

The Public votes went on Friday and Sunday to Christine Hester Smith for her "Out of Sink":


On Saturday the Public vote went to Alison Ogden for " Marking Time"


"The potter's time is marked by the things he makes.
Pottery often only endures as shards of treasure found in the tideline.
These intriguing pieces in themselves mark time"

Many thanks to all the public who took the time and effort to vote for their favourites in the competition. The 3 prize draw slips pulled out were those of Janet Jenkins from Keswick, C. Durand from Durham and R.Goodeve from Penrith - who each win a Potfest Passport - giving free entry for themselves and a friend to future Potfests.

At both the Park and the Pens we carried on with the Empty Bowls Project we had started at Greystoke Festival in May. Potters donated bowls and the public bought a raffle ticket for £10, and then matched up their number with the corresponding bowl. At Greystoke we raised £1440 for Mary's Meals charity - each £10 ticket would feed a schoolchild one good meal a day for one year.
With the onslaught of the major famine in Africa, the money raised at the summer Potfests was donated to the Save the Children special famine appeal. Sales of bowls at the 2 shows raised £3,430, which then rose to £3,525 with donations from Craft & Design magazine and 2 potters who didn't make bowls but wanted to contribute. A wholehearted thank you to all who donated bowls, and to all who bought them.


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